Maddock School Code: 351-120
Junior ACT test date will be March 2nd, 2021.  All juniors must take the ACT test at this time.
Students can use to prepare for the ACT test.
ND Academic and Career Technical Education Scholarships Eligibility Requirements and Application
For information on, and the application to, the 2 ND scholarships associated with the ACT test please visit the following website: ND State Scholarships
Seniors: If you would like to re-take your ACT test please go online to to register or request a paper application.
Visit for information regarding the ACT test and for information regarding the SAT test.


Visit to fill out your “Free Application for Student Aid”.


Don’t forget to apply for scholarships at the college/university you are planning to attend!

For more information on scholarships, financial aid and colleges, check out the following sites: web one of the few free scholarship searches on the Web) to college information service) areas of college preparation and financial aid) financial aid calculation) aid search and career search) searches) information, reciprocity, admissions info, college costs, transfer info) on study and organization skills, test preparation, choosing a college, financial aid and more)


Here are a few suggestions to help you in your scholarship search:


* Start early
* Always ask for recommendations two weeks in advance
* Type your applications
* Apply for as many scholarships as you are eligible
* Make a copy of essays, information and recommendations
* Keep a file of all scholarship information
* Sell yourself (include volunteer work, all activities, jobs etc.)


If you would like to check out careers, post-secondary institutions, majors, find out which careers match your interests or prepare for theACT/SAT test, visit Students may already have a username and password and can obtain them by asking their school counselor.

701-438-2531 Ext. 224