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8:40 – 10:00   Title

10:10 – 1:030  Grade 4

10:30 – 11:00  Grade 1

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FAB Time = Focus on Academic Breakthroughs
(working on needed skills from the regular classroom)


The Maddock Elementary School Title 1 Program is intended to provide additional resources to students who require assistance in acquiring basic education skills needed for successful school performance.

Title One


Title 1 is a federal program that has been in existence since 1965. The goal of Title 1 is to provide extra help and instruction for the students who need it.
Title 1 Can Help:
* Children can do better in school and feel better about themselves
* Parents understand their children better
* Parents can also have more say about their children’s education
* Teachers, who can benefit from the support of the extra service and from the satisfaction of seeing children succeed


Title 1 Programs Generally Offer:
* Smaller classes
* Additional teachers and assistants
* Extra instruction in reading and other skills a variety of teaching methods and materials


Parents are a part of the Title 1 team!


Communication between home and school is critical if the child is to have the best possible learning experience.


Educational research suggests that a child’s success in school is more likely when parents and school personnel work together.
Students receive a better education when schools, parents, and communities share the responsiblity for that education.



The Title 1 program does both the pull out and inclusion style of instruction. The service depends on what type of service best services the child the teacher is working with.

Our student selection is based on the spring score of the NWEA testing, the average of previous year chapter tests for reading and also math, the North Dakota State Assessments, the report card grades and Reading and Math Inventory test that is given at the beginning and end of the year. The classroom rank and grade point average is also taken into consideration as well as the organizational checklist for both reading and math.

The assessment that is used in the Title 1 room is the Reading Toolkit that tests the reading fluency by using the Dibbles, Dolch word list, and the Names Test that assesses the student’s ability to decode unfamiliar words. For math the assessments that are used are the skills taken from the chapter tests as well as the math combinations.

To keep a close inventory of what is happening in each grade level the classroom teachers share their weekly lesson plans. This way the Title 1 teacher can keep up with what is happening in each classroom.

Due to the student population in Maddock, no child is denied services because the numbers stay below the limits suggested by the DPI. However ranking may affect the number of minutes of services for each child.

Economically disadvantaged, learning disabled, or LEP and migrant students are selected on the same basis as all other students. These students are served on the same criteria as everyone else.

If a new student moves into the Maddock District he/she is selected and ranked using the same criteria as the other students in our district. Even if he/she has received Title 1 services at their previous school, he/she must still meet the criteria that is set for the student selection before receiving Title 1 services.